How do you organize your code? What are some suggestions you find on the web?

With code I organize code by the likeness of lines. So lines of code that work towards accomplishing one objective are grouped together. An example of this would be putting white space between a group of lines making variables from an object, and pushing those new variables into a new array. In a JS file I like to put all of the working pieces of an app into places that demonstrate the flow of the app. It helps me see the app working.

A lot of what I see online is to make sure you organize your code and make it easy to adapt to the next change. I also read about the idea of reading through code you wrote and changing it if you see something that could be done better. All while ensuring you have code of a unified and organized style.

Can you describe your workflow when you create a web page or web app?

I have to first start with a vision of what this project will end up looking like. From there I break the process up in my head. Declaring which objectives I must accomplish. Then I order them based on dependence. I start with objectives that are independent (don’t require prior objectives to be done) from the others. Then I work my way till all is done.

You can’t work out how to solve a coding problem, where do you find the answer? Why? How do you know?

I have done many things to solve a coding problem. I have used documentation from W3 and MDN, other developers, video tutorials, and other peoples solutions to like issues on places like stack overflow. With all of these tools I am usually aware of where my lack of understanding is. My goal is to gain a better understanding of the concept I am having difficulty with. Then when I look at my code again I have a good shot of seeing what my issue is.

What problems have you solved that didn’t involve you coding?

I have been really focused on my habits for the past few years. I have many good ones and bad ones. Bad habits are big problems to solve. Through the years I have been working to solve bad habits, it’s hard work. I have learned a lot from it.

Talk about your preferred development environment. (What IDE or text editor do you enjoy, and why?)

I am very happy with VS code. It provides everything I feel like I need. The built in terminal, suggested code, and other tools help facilitate my process. I feel like I have an advantage using it.

How are you keeping up with the latest developments in web development?

I want to make it a habit of this. I have not been actively searching for new developments. But I feel like this will give me a better view of where the direction of me knowledge needs to be heading. I have heard that podcasts are a great source of information. I do occasionally read articles about coding.